Aggressively Asserting and Protecting Your Rights

A contested divorce can be a challenging time in your life. While emotions run high, you want an attorney who will help you focus on the important non-emotional factors of a matrimonial manner. At Robert W. Hiatt, P.C. in Staten Island, New York, we have a reputation for the aggressive and effective successful representation of our clients.

Our job at Robert W. Hiatt, P.C. is to aggressively assert and protect your rights in divorce proceedings. Whether you need help in negotiating a settlement or litigation, contact us now at 718-979-8068.

Treating Your Marriage as a Business

Assets and finances are often the cause of a contested divorce. With that in mind, we get a complete picture of all the property collected throughout the marriage, including the money coming in and the money going out. That business-like approach has benefited clients who choose Robert W. Hiatt, P.C. to represent them.

We are detail-oriented and fact-based in our investigation and analysis when two parties cannot agree on the parameters of their divorce. We guide you through the following aspects of divorce:

Candid and Upfront in Our Assessments

We do not create false expectations with our clients. We will be direct and candid about your life post-divorce, including finances and assets. Creating false expectations is a disservice to you in a contested divorce matter. We are advocates throughout the divorce process and afterwards, including any post-judgment issues or orders of protection.

Speak With An Attorney Right Away

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a contested divorce, please contact us.