Staten Island Child Support Lawyer

Children have an absolute right to receive financial support. At the law office of Robert W. Hiatt, P.C., our Staten Island child support attorney takes that right seriously. Our job is to assert the rights of the children and those of the parents whom we represent.

We are prepared to aggressively assert and protect your rights in divorce proceedings, either through negotiating a settlement or through litigation. Contact our New York divorce lawyer online or call 718-979-8068 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Determining Support Amounts

In the state of New York, child support amounts are determined by the law. A percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income is factored into the calculation to help determine the proper amount. At the law office of Robert W. Hiatt, P.C., we take a fact-based, business-oriented approach to divorce matters in both contested and uncontested divorce actions. We also take this approach when it comes to support determination.

To help determine the amount of child support the non-custodial parent is expected to pay, we enter the income and expenses of both spouses into a child support calculator. This provides a specific number. However, even set calculations do not always eliminate conflict. Many times, the numbers that are entered into the equation come under dispute.

Ensuring Accuracy of the Data for Calculations

By focusing on the facts, free of emotion, we are able to direct our attention toward accurate amounts to enter into the child support calculator. Forensic accounting may be utilized when one or both spouses are self-employed. The complexity of these cases requires having a seasoned advocate at your side.

Child Support Modifications and Post-Judgment Issues

Our child support experience also includes modifications and post-judgment issues. Situations change as new jobs and residential moves become a part of post-marital life. When this happens, we revisit the arrangement to see if any changes are appropriate. A parent who does not pay his or her obligation will be held accountable and be required to make back payments.

How Our Attorney Can Help

If you are seeking a modification to support payments or do not know where to begin with support matters, we can help. Contact our Staten Island child support lawyer online or call 718-979-8068 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.