Protecting Your Rights in Child Custody and Visitation Cases

We believe that all child custody and visitation matters should be in the best interests of the child. We advocate for your children and for you. Your rights are paramount to us at Robert W. Hiatt, P.C. in Staten Island, New York.

Our job at Robert W. Hiatt, P.C. is to aggressively assert and protect your rights in divorce proceedings. Whether you need help in negotiating a settlement or litigation, contact us now at 718-979-8068.

Disputes That Affect Child Custody

Child custody disputes can take an uncontested divorce and turn it into a contested action. There are no set rules or guidelines to determine child custody. Many times, one parent will allege illegal activity against the other. If you are accused of breaking the law and the accusation is affecting your child custody dispute, you need an attorney to represent you. You have rights and our job is to assert those rights.

Other disputes are more petty and do not rise to the standard of denying child custody or visitation. A dispute could arise out of a dislike for one spouse’s new boyfriend or girlfriend or something of similar insignificance. At Robert W. Hiatt, P.C., we get to the facts, not allegations or pettiness. If you have a right to see your children, we will ensure that you get that quality time.

Getting to the Facts in Your Child Custody Case

Our fact-based approach is free of emotion. While we sympathize with our clients, we feel it is our job to be business-like in determining what you are entitled to following a marriage. That includes child custody and visitation matters. Do not mistake a lack of handholding with a lack of dedication to your case. Your rights are paramount to us and we will protect those rights.

Do Not Delay

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