Staten Island Attorney Protecting Your Assets and Property in a Divorce Action

Our job at Robert W. Hiatt, P.C. is to aggressively assert and protect your rights in divorce proceedings. Whether you need help in negotiating a settlement or litigation, contact us now at 718-979-8068.

Since 1996, Robert W. Hiatt of Robert W. Hiatt, P.C. in Staten Island, New York, has represented clients and protected their rights in divorce actions. Clients throughout New York City have relied on our firm for aggressive and diligent advocacy.

Advocating For You and Getting to the Facts

While we recognize the emotional elements of a divorce, our job is to strip away the personal issues and get to the facts. You need an aggressive advocate on your side that will assert and protect your rights throughout the entire process of a divorce, including:

While mediation can be effective in peacefully resolving a family conflict, litigation is also a viable option. All cases are prepared for litigation, but we leave the option of negotiation open. We are looking out for your best interests and those of your children.

Experience and Convenience for Our Family Law Clients

Robert W. Hiatt, the founder of our firm, is licensed to practice in New York, including the U.S. District Courts in the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your family law matter, whether it involves a contested or uncontested divorce or a dispute over child custody and visitation. For clients who cannot find the time during regular business hours to come to our office, we offer appointments in the evening. We also accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express as methods of payment.

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