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Spousal Support

Staten Island and New York City Divorce Attorney Asserting Your Rights in Spousal Support Cases

Our job at Robert W. Hiatt, P.C. is to aggressively assert and protect your rights in divorce proceedings. Whether you need help in negotiating a settlement or litigation, contact us now at 718.979.8068.

When one spouse sacrifices a career to raise children in a marriage, that sacrifice deserves compensation. At Robert W. Hiatt, P.C. in Staten Island, New York, we represent clients in spousal support issues.

Spousal Support Compensation for Your Sacrifice

While there are no strict calculations and spousal support is not considered an absolute right, unlike child support, we aggressively assert and protect the rights of our clients seeking spousal support. At Robert W. Hiatt, P.C., we will advocate for you and ensure you get the money you deserve for the sacrifices you made for your spouse and the care you provided for your children.

Married Couples Choosing to Build a Business Together

Spousal support cases become more complex when a married couple is involved a business where one spouse sacrificed his or her career to help build a company. Matters can become contentious and you need an attorney who will set aside the personal issues and focus on the law and your rights.

Representing Both Sides in Spousal Support Cases

We represent both sides in complicated spousal support cases and get to the facts. If you are entitled to a certain amount of spousal support, we will fight on your behalf to secure it. If you are in dispute with your spouse over how much you should pay him or her, we will serve as your advocate. We will review all finances and analyze the potential income of the spouse who chose to stay home with the children or join his or her husband or wife in their business enterprise.

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